ranting and judging cos i really need it

Who I dislike: 

- People who have their eyes glued to their screens every free moment, with earphones plugged in. This totally says: My digital world is so much more interesting than you so I’m not going to listen to you one bit because you’re worth less interest. These people are so going to be socially handicapped. When you talk to them, they either give you a one-worded response or completely ignore you. If they look at you, it would be with a look of utter irritation. Like, ‘who are you to do this to me?’ 

- People who are totally immature and sensitive and lose their temper as easily as you drop a coin just because they can’t tolerate shit. If you explode, just leave yourself be. Don’t spread your reactive electrons to all the other people around you and blow up the whole house with you. I prefer to be an unreactive piece of platinum. And then you don’t apologise, you run away the whole day and hole up probably thinking no one cares, when everyone is just angry with you which by itself already implies that they care. Because if they don’t, they wouldn’t care. I probably always look like I don’t care because my face is always like that. But that’s my pissy face. 

I can tolerate you, but don’t ask me to like you. Change, and maybe I will change my preferences. 

Conclusion: Stop interacting with those people so I can avoid my blood pressure rising. Close my eyes and erase those judgements so that I can talk to them as I would a stranger or a normal person. 

It’s so tiring to talk to people and make them communicate. If I ever had to lose an ability to survive it would probably be the ability to talk. I still have my hands and my brain after all. 


perth trip reflections uncensored in point form

because I’m doing my official reflections now and that must be politically correct but my blog can have my private stuff (but no others will see it)  

well, so… about what happened in Perth,

  • I spent a lot of money, had okay food everyday but got stomach aches and diarrhoea pretty often 
  • Consumed wine for the first time and had my first ever HTHT late night drinking session with my group till four plus in the morning (and we gave up on watching the sunrise cos we were too tired) 
  • Saw constellations for the first time ever in the clear night skies!!! Just filled with that feeling of awe and all words melted away whenever I looked up
  • Most interesting places to me were the Fremantle Prison, King’s Park and the Namburg National Park
  • Sandboarding is fun. If your board doesn’t get stuck and you have to push yourself down anyway.
  • Confessed about something and got teased endlessly for it. Still being teased. Seriously. 
  • Still made a lot of new friends :) 

I might write about it more in detail next time when I’m free. Which is not even during CNY. Way after that and I hope I still remember. Back to official stuff and readings and papers and assignments. —> insert hugh sigh <—-


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HYORIN (효린) of SISTAR - Let It Go (Korean Ver.) 


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Running Man ep178 - Song Jihyo

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Joon’s cute acts through ep 19:

  1. "I’M HERE!!!"
  2. "Ya! That idiot!"
  3. "What’s the score? What’s the score??"
  4. "44?! My granny can score better than you!"
  5. "Tous Les Jours~"
  6. "Naju~ung-ah~! Let’s pla~~ay!!^^"
  7. "Ya! Ya! This side! This side! Slowly! Slow down!"
  8. "Wallet. Let me see your wallet! Hurry! QUICKLY!"

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"I really feel like there is a God. Even if there is no God, there should at least be something called fate to explain what’s happening now. There are times I feel like that. This miraculous coincidence, great timing, and exquisite twist."

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“Do you know how much you can learn from a mere pair of high-heels? If you don’t fall, you’ll learn a bit, but If you do fall, you’ll learn everything. If you become successful, you’ll learn a bit, but if you fail, you’ll get to learn everything. Success is the dumbest teacher, not the other way around – Ae Ri (Miss Korea)” (via randomkoreandramaquotes)
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